Is It Better to Paint or Replace Aluminum Siding and Capping?.

Wood used to be the go-to siding material until aluminum was introduced in the 1940s. It took a short time before it became the preferred option for homeowners and builders across the country. There are many benefits of aluminum compared to other options like wood. Aluminum is considered lighter compared to wood and this makes it easier to install. It also has lower maintenance because you don’t have to clean and repaint it regularly which lowers the cost. The paint is baked on aluminum to make it last for long before getting repainted.

The dominance of aluminum did not last for long because vinyl started to become popular. It was the preferred choice for most because it is lower maintenance and cheaper. People who have homes that have aluminum siding have to decide whether to replace their siding or paint it.

Aluminum is considered to be low-maintenance, but there is maintenance still needed. It is hard to find something that doesn’t require maintenance at all. The paint tends to be chalky and fades after some time. You are going to notice this problem too. This is why many people have to choose between replacing the vinyl or repainting.

Replacing looks like the drastic option between the two. You have to spend more on replacing the siding in the short term. Most choose a painting because it is the cheaper and easier option. If you don’t have enough money to replace your siding, then you have to choose painting. If you plan on selling your home, then there is no need to replace it because it is going to cost you a lot. Just paint it and the new owner is going to handle the problem when it comes up in the future.

There are those who want to stay true to the heritage of the home and they want to retain the same design. If this is you, then it makes sense to paint the aluminium siding.


Paint tends to chalk and fade, but you can avoid this by preparing the siding properly so the paint adheres well. Painting is more than just opening a can of paint and brushing up the siding. It is best to leave the work to professionals since they have the experience needed.

If you want to do it yourself, then make sure you prep and clean the area before the brush touches the siding. You have to get rid of chalking. You have to do this before you paint the siding. You can find products that have been made for cleaning aluminum siding. Use it with an abrasive sponge or scrubbing brush.

It is better to hire a professional because they will do it fast and in the right way. You can easily mess up if you are not experienced and make things worse. Replacing is going to cost you more but it has its benefits. You have to look at your situation before you choose between the option. Either way, your siding is going to look great.

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