Warning Signs of Hiring an Unqualified Roofing Contractor

Once you need roofing work done on your home, suddenly everyone with a hammer and a ladder is an expert in roofing work. But not every well-intentioned DIY enthusiast is going to provide top-notch roofing work that will protect your most important investment. If you have recently had roofing work done on your home, or are considering the need for roofing work done on your home, you have come to the right place. Just like it is important to hire a qualified gas safe engineer, or a professional electrician, it is important to hire the correct roofing contractor.

In the following article, we will take a look at a few telltale signs of amateur roofing work. These small errors may seem harmless but can have a major effect on your home’s equity. Use these pointers to make sure you are getting the best possible roofing work for your home.

Mismatched Roofing Shingles

This is one of the most obvious errors. The roofing tiles on your home should all be uniform and a professional roofing contractor will have access to unlimited materials. This will ensure the tiles on your home are always the right size and shape and provide a clean and uniform look.

Improper Use Of Roofing Nails

The nails being used for roofing are essential to the function of your roofing materials and the quality of the installation work. These are used for securing the decking, but if they are not used properly insurance premiums can be avoided. If you note that nails are not properly barbed, are driven too deep, or are driven between decking sheets, the results can be premature roof degradation.

Reusing Drip Edge Flashing

Drip edge flashing should be replaced each time you will re-shingle the roof. This is an important piece of roofing material that prevents problems by directing water in a safe direction. It also keeps vermin from entering the attic. It also preserves the longevity of your roofing materials and your roofing investment.

Improper Installation of Underlayment

Underlayment is not readily seen, but its effects are very important. This layer of waterproofing is the last line of defense your roof has against the exterior elements. Typically, this is made of a synthetic or rubber material and waterproof or water-resistant depending on the specific needs of your home in your location.

Neglecting The Attic

It is very easy to slap some materials down onto the roof and call it a day. But if your contractor hasn’t taken the time to assess the conditions of the attic, you may be facing even more problems. Without proper ventilation, the moisture levels in your attic can rise considerably and can begin causing problems from the inside. One thing you will notice is a considerable spike in your regular energy expenses.

Hire a Certified Commercial Roofing Contractor in [city/state]

As you can see properly applying the roofing to your home is an essential task for prolonging the longevity of your roof and maximizing the value of your investment. Considering the importance of roofing work and the high cost of materials, we advise finding reliable contractors with many years of experience to handle this important task.


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